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Yoga taught in schools use basic yoga tools to help students with focus, learning, stress relief, and behavioral management, just to name a few of the many benefits. All programs taught by Inspire Yoga are fully insured and are in full compliance with the National and NYS Standards for Physical Education and are based on Yoga Ed. Principles. As a non-competitive physical activity, yoga develops essential life skills while cultivating physical health and fitness.




Yoga as PE

  • Elementary: The main objective for this age group is to teach love of movement through yoga poses, awareness of the breath, and how to check in with their feelings.
  • Middle School: The main objective for this age group is to teach awareness of thoughts and emotions, social awareness, empathy, along with building self-esteem and self-efficacy while increasing balance and kinesthetic awareness.
  • High School: The main objective for this age group is to teach regulation of emotions and behavior, stress management, responsible decision making and problem solving, while increasing strength and flexibility.


Yoga in the Classroom

  • Yoga to build classroom communities through collaboration and cooperation.
  • Yoga as “Brain Breaks” to increase creativity, imagination, focus and learning readiness.


Trauma Informed Yoga

  • Trauma Informed Yoga understands the physiology of trauma and how it manifests in the body and mind. For those students who are considered “at-risk” due to poverty, violence, marginalization, abuse and neglect, this program helps to address some of the symptoms of trauma such as anxiety and depression. In addition this programs empower the student by teaching them tools to help them stay present and focused when triggered.


Yoga for High School/College Athletic Teams

  • Yoga for High School/College Athletic Teams is a program that can be taught either at school during practice times or at Inspire Yoga’s studio. The main objective when working with student athletes is to reduce their risk of injury by increasing flexibility, strength and range of motion. In addition, yoga can increase the athlete’s focus by teaching breathing exercises that are used to increase stamina while decreasing stress and negative emotions. When practicing yoga together as a team, it creates great team spirit and comradery.



  • Consulting and Curriculum Writing fee: $95.00 per hour
  • Instructional fee for teaching yoga to students:
    • $75.00 Per Hour
    • $375.00 Day Rate up to 6.5 Hours.
  • Professional Development rates available upon request
  • Yoga for Sports Teams:
    • $125.00 per hour for up to 20 students.
    • For larger teams contact studio directly.


Contact: Joan Nichols, ERYT/RCYT


* All instructors are either RYT/RCYT or ERYT/RCYT through the Yoga Alliance and fully insured.